Cardiac nurse specialist

Being a cardiac nurse specialist is a highly specialized field of nursing. It takes extra training in cardiac interpretation in order to feel confident and years to be proficient at it. In my role as an ER nurse I constantly use the skills I acquired while on a medical telemetry unit. If it weren't for that specialized training i would feel inadequate. My endeavor to become a nurse stemmed from my dad having 3 heart attacks and finally succumbing to the disease at an early age of 36. My early loss had a tremendous impact on me. My main focus in school was on the sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) and math. My passion to enter into a medical field drove me, spurring me on. In my early youth my grandmother who raised me, was a nurse, however I never thought to ask her about her job. I guess I knew from her kind, caring and compassion, but sometimes stern ways how she did her job. I was always the one to help the little guy and encourage others to do their best. Little did I know that I was training myself to become a nurse. I always thought I would have been a cardiologist.

I remember this one time while I was in grade school. I was walking home and i saw sitting on a small television box was a young boy having a difficult time breathing. Other kids were walking by and making fun of him. I sensed something more was wrong so I stopped to talk to him. He was very hard of breathing getting 2 to 3 words out at a time. What I was able to discern was that he was asthmatic and needed to get home to get his medicine. I walked with him trying to keep him calm, thankfully he lived close by and he made it home to get his medicine a nebulized ventolin. Even though this respiratory example is not cardiac related it proves a point. Nurses were made to be nurses.

Cardiac nurse specialists need specialized training to be adept at reading a monitor but they also require kindness caring and compassion when dealing with a scared sick patient. All your skills as a cardiac nurse specialist will be challenged as you teach the cardiac patient about their condition and attempt to iterate the importance of reducing risk while keeping the subject simple but yet juicy enough for the patient to get the gist. ECG interpretation, monitor interpretation, identifying lethal rhythms and potential risks for some medications, are some of the skills required to be a good cardiac nurse specialist. A strong foundation in biology, chemistry and physics with a rudimentary understanding of basic math. I took calculus because I thought it would be fun, but it is not necessary to be a nurse. While exemplifying a caring compassionate center of care and a love for teaching. Being a cardiac nurse specialist is not just one area of expertise, it is a multitude of areas. I am proud to call myself a nurse and able to convey that knowledge to every patient I see. I am even prouder to see a patients eyes light up in understanding their complex cardiac problem. I am proud to be a nurse.

"About NURSES: Somebody asked: "You're a nurse?!? That's cool, I wanted to do that when I was a kid. How much do you make?" The nurse replied: "HOW MUCH DO I MAKE?" ... I can make holding your hand seem like the most important thing in the world when you're scared. ... I can make your child breathe when they stop. ... I can help your father survive a heart attack. ... I can make myself get up at 5AM to make sure your mother has the medicine she needs to live. ... I work all day to save the lives of strangers. ... I make my family wait for dinner until I know your family member is taken care of. ... I make myself skip lunch so that I can make sure that everything I did for your wife today is charted. ... I make myself work weekends and holidays because people don't just get sick Monday thru Friday. ... Today, I might save your life. ... How much do I make? All I know is, I make a difference."Author unknown.

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