Become comfortable with common cardiac products.

If you end up getting your heart checked don’t be alarmed by the sear number of cardiac products or machines and the noise. They are there to help you, not intimidate you, it does help however to know what to expect when getting tests done, what these machines do and what they look like.

ICD’s/pacemakers are implanted just under your skin and wired directly to your heart. They help by making a bad situation a whole lot better. It can be shocking to get one, to say the least.

ECG/EKG machine comes in various sizes and models essentially it is a laptop computer on wheels, that is attached to 10 electrode or wires and it does not give you any shock when attached. Its main function is to take the small amount of current your heart produces and amplifies it so we can read the rhythm. The electrodes that are attached to your body are pre-gelled with room temperature gel that helps transmit the heart signal to the machine. It does feel cold when applied but it does not hurt.

Blood pressure or sphygmomanometer is a device we have all seen in the movies and in the family doctors office. Its main function is to cut off the artery in your arm for a second and it reads the pressure your heart exerts on your arteries with every beat, this is the systolic or beat part of the heart. We hear the pulsing of the artery when the pulsing stops this is the diastolic or resting phase of the heart beat this measures the pressure the artery exerts on the blood vessel. Together this makes up the blood pressure.

The treadmill used in the exercise stress test is just a regular treadmill. There is no special cardiac treadmill that is used.

AED is a automated external defibrillator that is found at most exercise or sports facilities. This product's widespread use has been great with survivability and is taught with some CPR training. All you do is turn it on attach the pads as indicated and listen for the prompts. This machine will deliver a shock when appropriate at 360 joules so when it says stay clear, stay clear!

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