Chicken Recipes

Chicken recipes are the most versatile type of meat you can get. what other type of meat can you make a whole range of dishes than chicken.

From Chicken breasts to wings to drumsticks to thighs to chicken quarters to a whole chicken, you can make the same sauce for the using a different type of cut and results in a different dish.

Personally when making chicken I like to brine the meat prior to cooking.  Salt water brine is the easiest way to add flavour and keeping it simple and healthy.  when cooking the brined chicken it stays juicy and tender and makes every dish stand out. I don't always brine but when I do it's spectacular.

Brining is one way to easily add flavour to chicken and is the simplest marinade to make. Marinating chicken in other flavours can range from simple and you can get really complicated from there.  When marinating chicken I stay away from commercially prepared marinades as much as I can and prepare my own marinades.

Seasoning chicken is easy and healthy depending on what you use.  I have a cupboard full of spices and look for new ones when at the grocery store and wait until they are on sale before purchasing them. Sometimes I get excited and buy then when not on sale because I'm super excited about a new recipe to try and inspiration hits when I'm at the grocery store.

Lemon and chicken go well together and so does oregano and other Italian seasonings. Salt and pepper and couple of squeezes of lemon juice are all that are needed to keep it healthy and easy. 

Remember most of the time it's the simplest ingredients that make some chicken recipes really stand out.

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