The right heart healthy diet can help maintain good heart health.

Heart healthy diets over the years have been tried and tested and they come and go. The simple fact is that diets don’t work! Take the Burmingham diet for instance. The food you eat in this diet could not have been developed by a cardiologist, for the simple reason that it is unhealthy. The weight loss associated with it, is mainly water and therefore unhealthy. A healthy diet should incorporate all major food groups as it does in this sample diet as part of a balanced diet.

Mango Chipotle Chicken

Choosing the right diet

A low fat, low sodium diet was invented by Dr. Kempner in the 1940's. The idea was used for hypertension (high blood pressure). He noticed just by changing a patient's diet can have a profound affect on patient's health. Back then, hypertension had no viable treatment and patient's often died. By making significant, but simple diet modifications, patient's not only reduced their hypertension but also recovered fully. The example illustrates the significance of diets and the affect it has on health.

Poison in our food supply

Your heart is a machine, a machine that requires the right heart healthy diet to maintain its’ proper function and ability to run properly. Feed it the right food like omega 3 fatty acids and hear your engine purr. In recent years humans have developed foods that are conveniently fast and conversely unhealthy. Your heart that has evolved this long does not need monosodium glutamate, sulphites or even disodium guanylate. These are human made substances that help keep food on the shelf longer so companies can make more money. They will tell you they are safe but who are “they” anyway?

The correlation of red wine and heart disease has long been speculated has being heart healthy. Study after study has shown that red wine does contain elements that protect the heart. The heart healthy benefits come from the skin of the grapes and it is the grapes that protect, not the red wine.

Fructose is a natural sugar that the body can't process at all.  The body treats Fructose as a poison and goes directly to the liver for processing and removal.  Although found naturally, it is usually associated with fiber to negate the negative effects.

Know thyself means this, that you get acquainted with what you know, and what you can do. Menander

The fact is we all ingest these foods with these additives in them. It is the culture we live in and we cannot change it right? Tell that to the “hippies” of the 60’s growing organic foods, weren’t they crazy? Well what do we see now on the shelves of supermarkets today “organic produce” and “organic meats”. Times do change and we must change too.

Healthy eating habits is as simple as choosing to eat homemade food as opposed to eating commercially prepared foods.  It is not important to cloud your mind with what to eat and what not to eat.  Eliminate refined sugar, choose a high quality type of fat, reduce alcohol consumption and make foods at home. Making food at home is not that hard it just takes a little planning.

Think of your circulatory system as a big transportation system it delivers food and energy to every cell of your body in order to survive. Your heart powers that transport system it is the hub of the delivery system. When the heart fails the whole system shuts down. Food that you eat gets absorbed into the body, everything you eat! You are what you eat they say. What you decide to pass through your lips ends up not only on your hips but circulating in that transport system being delivered to every cell of your body.

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. Doug Firebaugh

Chemicals that we make and put into foods so it will stay on the shelf longer circulate scratching and damaging the sensitive lining of your arteries that have been evolving for millions of years. This damaging causes micro tears on your blood vessel walls. Your body the incredible machine has the great ability to self repair. The body tries to fix the problem and fat deposits that are floating in your blood stick to the walls. Increasing your chance of a heart attack some years later.

Food has become our own worst enemy. Changing one simple thing can ultimately be a life saver; choose foods that as close to nature as possible. Keep your diet heart healthy by giving what your heart needs, omega fatty acids, low salt and low fat. Ultimately the choice is ours to make. Choosing nature over science is always the better choice. Feed the right cardiac diet to your heart and watch it flourish for some time to come.

Our ideas, like orange-plants, spread out in proportion to the size of the box which imprisons the roots. Edward Bulwer Lytton

Have a great recipe that is good for the heart?

You are what you eat! Give up those great recipes that taste great, easy to prepare and are really good for you (low fat, low sodium). You think your recipes really cook...well...we'll see about that!

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