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Heart of the Matter, Issue #004 -- The real Cause of Heart Disease
October 24, 2015

The real cause of Heart Disease

I have taken a hiatus from writing in order to concentrate on the the real cause of heart disease. I have mentioned it with my last article, but I plan now to walk you through the results and show you conclusively that the cause of heart disease is chronic inflammation. I have begun the process of writing a book on this topic.

I trust that you all have taken a look at the about me page in order to understand what motivates me in writing about heart disease. For two years I have read countless articles and studies about heart disease. I'm now ready to write again.

I will take you on a journey that delves deep into heart disease and related organs. We'll look into each risk factor and understand the real cause. Each risk factor is a symptom of a process that causes heart disease.

I want people to understand and learn what i know and realize that in our society, if we keep going with foods we eat or don't eat that heart disease will continue to rise.

Our bodies are in a constant state of chronic inflammation. It is this state that causes disease. The risk factors, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, sleep apnea, smoking and alcohol consumption either are a cause of this inflammation or contributes to chronic inflammation.

Next article I'll discuss the Liver and what it does...

Recipes that prevent heart disease

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