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Heart of the Matter, Issue #006 -- Chronic Inflammation
October 13, 2016

Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is low levels of inflammation enzymes that occur at the cellular level. This type of inflammation destroys and turns off the endothelial tissue that helps protect our bodies against disease. This is called endothelial dysfunction and is the only cause of heart disease to date. Once the endothelial cells are turned off or destroyed chronic inflammation continues to cause damage to the lining of the arteries and veins leading to plaque buildup called arteriosclerosis . Without doing anything or changing the underlying problem the plaque builds up until one day it stops the flow of blood entirely. This means wherever the blockage occurs that no blood could flow to feeding whatever organ. If it happens in the brain: stroke. If it happens in the heart: heart attack and so forth.

There is a lot that can be done to prevent disease from taking hold and reversing the damage from chronic inflammation. The key is to recognize that everybody on the face of the planet has varying degrees of chronic inflammation. The key is to admit that simple truth. Once you have recognized that chronic inflammation exists inside of you then the real work can be started. Chronic inflammation is first and foremost a disease upon itself. It is the beginning of all disease in the body. Ranging from obesity to hypertension to cancer to liver failure. All other diseases branch out from chronic inflammation. If disease is the tree and the branches are the diseases we most fear like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and hypertension. The roots of the tree is chronic inflammation. Killing a weed can only be done if the roots are gone and destroyed. If you leave just a little root left of the weed then eventually the weed can regrow and ruin your lawn once again. No one on the face of the planet can say they do not have some degree of chronic inflammation.

To see chronic inflammation in action one must not look far, take an obese person for example. They are at the end stage of chronic inflammation. If you know somebody like that then look at the number of pills that are needed just to stay alive. Medically that condition is known as metabolic syndrome . Look at what they eat and you'll see the devastation that food is doing on their body. For them it's not about the number of calories alone that causes obesity. It's the type of food that they eat. Ever heard a obese person say "I'm big boned" or " I'm like this because my parents are big" meaning they are blaming their genetics. It's not all about genetics. We all know that eating burgers and fries all day every day is bad for you. Also eating a salad drowning in salad dressing is bad too also drinking flavoured water is bad. Did you know that certain candies are fat free? Did you also know that eating the same candies everyday will make you fat? Just because you didn't put fat into your body doesn't mean the body will not make fat. Making fat is what the liver does through metabolism. So if you didn't eat it why does the liver make it? The body needs fat to survive and is used in times when food is scarce so the body can continue to survive. Certain types of foods make fat and then gets stored. It's a simple fact that not every food is made the same. Eating sugar will make fat, so will drinking alcohol. There's no fat in sugar or in alcohol but the body doesn't care it'll make it anyways. Diet sodas work the same way through a similar pathway in the liver it will make fat and cholesterol.

So an obese person doesn't need to eat fat to be fat. So you are not what you eat. You are not fat for eating fat. Similarly, a calorie of chocolate is not the same as a calorie of carrot or even an apple. So counting calories doesn't work either. I've seen it in my colleagues at work they are eating a nice healthy salad and drinking a diet soda. In essence they are undoing what the salad is doing and they still say they have weight to lose. Well, no wonder I say, and tell them about the soda but they still drink it. People are more concerned about the weight then they are about the disease in the first place. What they don't realize is the disease is what's causing the weight problem. It's the same as any chemical that you put into your body. Once the chemical is in the body the liver changes it into something different. That's the underlying principle of liver metabolism and the whole point, but during this process of metabolism the liver creates varying degrees of inflammatory enzymes that help rid the body of the chemicals that it can't use. Every processed food on the planet has chemicals in it the body can't use. It's safe like the government says in that it won't kill you right away instead the chemicals create a process of chronic inflammation that starts the disease process to begin with. It's in this process that is repeated over and over again, day after day and year after year that creates the problem.

I do have a solution to the problem, but I must first help everyone understand that the process of chronic inflammation created by the food that we eat and the chemicals we ingest that is the underlying problem.

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