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Heart of the Matter, Issue #008 -- Fish oils and heart disease
August 09, 2017

Fish oils and Inflammation

In this issue of the heart of the matter, I'll continue to talk about fish oils and inflammation. The importance of inflammation in controlling diseases such as heart disease is essential to understand. I want to embed in your mind the balance between health and disease is controlling inflammation.

In previous issues I've talked about the liver and how the body creates inflammation from eating certain foods and just being in a polluted environment that can create inflammation. The causes of inflammation are all around us, from pollution from vehicles and cigarette smoke to eating processed and sugary foods and drinks. Everything the body mustt get rid of is a poison, and that poison starts or continues to fuel the inflammation machine.

Causes of chronic inflammation:


drinking alcohol

refined sugar (donuts, chocolate bars and sugary drinks)

processed foods (food additives)



infections (viral and bacterial)

surgery and medical procedures

stress (physical and mental)

taking medication

All these listed above are from the top of my head and are intentionally general in nature.

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Signs that chronic inflammation is taking root:

Allergies (foods and environmental)

abdominal fat

unable to lose weight (high BMI)

Chronic diseases (Degenerative, arthritic and COPD)

previous heart attack and or angina

unexplained rash/hives

poorly healing cuts

insulin resistance

high blood pressure

high cholesterol

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The lists above are signs and symptoms that the body is out of balance and is inflamed. One of the many articles that I've read proves that in the presence of inflammation every cell in the body releases omega 6's. Our body's produce omega 6 in large quantities to be detected. Now couple that together with eating foods that are high in omega 6, then the inflammation can be running out of control. The trigger that helps keeps that all in check is fish oil. Fish oil put the brakes on the inflammation and halts it in its tracks. Omega 3's (fish oil) are not produced by the body and must be eaten. So it stands to reason that eating more fish oil than Omega 6's, inflammation will begin to slow and eventually stop, then the body as a whole can heal. Omega 3's are found primarily in fish oil, flax seeds and chia seeds. Every fish on the planet has varying amounts of omega 3's The best fish with the highest concentration of fish oils is salmon, but really any fish will do.

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