Lunch is the second big meal of the day.  Traditionally when people try to eat healthy they choose salads for lunch.  Salads are a good start but overtime eating the same type of food gets boring.  Eating healthy should not be a chore or cumbersome. The taste buds crave variety and we all know that variety is the spice of life.  Following a strict diet plan also is also a chore, who wants someone else dictating what they can eat.  My plan here is to not tell you what to eat but show you different ways to make a meal.  Eating can be exciting by trying new foods and new tastes. Explore the variety that food brings, don’t be afraid to ty new things.  People try their best but the problem is not preparing for the meal and when hunger strikes we reach for closest food and since we are in a hurry we choose wrong.  So a little preparation goes a long way in achieving healthy eating.

Lunch Recipes

Avacado, Tomato and chicken sandwich

BBQ chicken sandwich

Chopped Greek salad with chicken

Dolmas wrap (eating

Mediterranean wrap (

Tuna salad (

Pestos Pizza (family

Three-bean chili (family

Turkey burger

Spiced chicken salad

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