Obesity: put your diet on a diet.

Global Obesity

Obesity is a huge epidemic, with the school curriculum cutting back on exercise, with parents either financially unable to give healthy choices or from lack of time from the hectic work schedule; children don’t learn to eat right. I find it very interesting that in a society that values its athletes (the very people that epitomize health) that the general public doesn’t value exercise and eating healthy. I don’t understand it myself but it leaves us with obesity epidemic. With being overweight it leads to increased chance of a heart attack and stroke, it also leads to other health problems like diabetes. Having a BMI over 30 is considered obese. Globally the trend is upwards reaching epidemic proportions. Obesity is a world problem and therefore it is everyone's responsibilty to take charge and ownership of the problem. One such area would be the restaurant business and the reduction of the portion sizes to a more healthy size in accordance to the food guide.

Obesity is a huge cardiac risk factor only second to smoking. The old idiom “you are what you eat” rings true. The extra fat or not even just fat but the extra calories you eat and turn into extra calories floats around your blood stream. The more extra fat you have the body must store, it stores it on your belly in and around your organs suffocating your heart and other organs. Picture your heart being wrapped by 3 inches of bacon grease. Not only does it look disgusting but the heart must go through extra work in order to beat and eventually beats itself to death. Every organ gets affected by the extra fat and literally your body suffocates. The extra fat means extra blood to be pumped and extra work the organs need to do which in turn needs extra blood to be pumped. Therefore for every pound of fat you place on your body your heart must work three times as much.

Complications of Obesity

Your Inner Body

Obesity affects the inner body as well as the outer body. The extra fat you see on the surface is only the tip of the iceburg; there is far more below the surface that you can't see. Blood has many different cell types floating in the serum (straw colored liquid). One of the cell types is the platelet; the platelet’s only job is to clot the blood. The platelet has no brain therefore it works by “feel” only. As the platelet “feels” its way around it expects to find smooth surfaces, but when it encounters a rough patch it breaks open and releases its’ “glue” patching the hole. Another way a clot starts is if the blood becomes turbulent as in a whirlpool. It “thinks” there is a hole to be patched therefore breaks open its glue and presto a quick fix. Another way turbulent flow can occur is over a fatty deposit on an artery wall if it builds up too much it causes turbulence and therefore a clotting cascade starts. The fat floats in your blood depositing on the walls of arteries and overtime with each buildup eventually a clot will form. The extra fat on your arteries makes your arteries less able to recoil and absorb the pressure of blood known as hardening of the arteries, which will lead to high blood pressure or hypertension.

Why Most Diets Fail

Your body is a marvelous piece of machinery it is also very adaptive. The way the body is designed, it is designed to withstand small periods of famine. During periods of plentiful food supply the body stores fat. When the time of low food supply the body uses the fat to survive and thrive. So it is through great system of adaptation that humans have survived. Obesity throws our body system into turmoil. In our modern world in civilized societies where food is plentiful this system of adaptation becomes our very detriment. There is one scenario in our modern world that mimics the food/famine cycle. It is our own creation the DIET! Diets teach our bodies to remember this cycle of food famine and thus people may lose weight but don’t lose fat. Well, how can that be? You wonder. As we “diet” we are taking in fewer calories than we normally would eat and not to mention the different foods. Typically people don’t exercise when on a diet, because most people want a fast fix “the magic pill”. Since your not burning anymore calories and you’re taking in less calories what does that mimic? Famine. Your body thinks now it is in a state of famine and must store extra fat to survive. So if it is storing the fat where is the weight loss coming from? The extra water we have stored in our cells. The weight loss we see on our scale is only the difference of water intake from day to day. Therefore we are becoming increasingly dehydrated. The body wakes us up and tells us the diet is not working and you fall off the band wagon depressed at failure. Consider this: YOU DID NOT FAIL, YOUR DIET FAILED YOU! That is right! You’re not a failure the diet failed, not you.

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