Always Trust Your Instincts!!


I was 5 days post-partum when I experienced a nagging pain in my left arm, shoulder, neck and breast. I took a hot shower to relax my muscles as I attributed the pain to childbirth. The next day that pain came back with vengeance and I experienced the full gamut of symptoms - crushing sub-sternal chest pain, left arm numbness, tingling, pain in my left arm. I broke out sweating, vomiting. Classic male symptoms of a heart attack. The only problem, I wasn't a middle-aged white male.

I called 911 and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance only to be told that I couldn't possibly be having a heart attack. I was observed and released. I persisted that it was my heart and continued to seek treatment for a week before anyone listened.

After a five day heart attack, I was back in the ER again when the same cardiologist said, "Young lady, I'm glad you were persistent. You are having a heart attack and now we have to transfer you downtown to save your life!

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