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Does taking aspirin really help if you take it during a heart attack? and are having heart palpitations an early warning sign of cardiac problems?

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Aug 21, 2011
ASA a big help in cardiac survival
by: Neil

ASA or aspirin is known as an anti-platelet aggregate, which means it prevents platelets from sticking together. This action of inhibiting platelets from sticking together prevents future clots from forming (it doesn't help any clots that have already formed). It also helps post-surgical too by decreasing recovery time and increasing survivability. The beauty of ASA it doesn't increase bleeding time therefore it is great for pre-medicating before a procedure. Aspirin goes beyond a wonder drug it is a real life saver!

Palpitations are a real subjective feeling, meaning everyone's sensation of what a palpitation feels like is different. PVC's can cause a palpitation feeling and it is benign (not dangerous). However, it could be a precursor to Ventricular Tachycardia (a very serious heart condition). Anxiety can produce a feeling of palpitations but have no tracings on the ECG to explain the feeling. Palpitations with associated chest pain needs immediate medical attention. Palpitations need an ECG at least.

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