Coronary artery disease or CAD

Coronary artery disease is very common. The disease process happens whether we want it to or not. It begins from the time we are born and is relentless until the time we die, sometimes it is the contributing reason people die. Coronary artey disease is the forming of plaque or fatty deposits on the inside layer of the arteries of the heart. As the fatty deposits multiply the artery opening gets smaller and smaller until no blood can get past. This formation is also known as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The hardening refers to the loss of the arteries elastic abilities and makes it harder for the artery to adapt to a higher heart rate and lower heart rate. This inability to compensate is the cause for high blood pressure and the reason why people may pass out as in a low blood pressure.

Coronary artey disease is not the reason people die from heart disease. It does however contribute to other diseases and make them worse. ACS or heart attack is the result of CAD causing a block in the coronary artery by a clot. Due to the narrowing of the vessels the blood couldn’t pass very easily and resulted in a clot formation. Which then resulted in no oxygen arriving in part of the heart causing the heart attack. CAD won’t kill you but it will make other diseases worse or cause other diseases.

There are ways to slow this progression down, since we can’t prevent it or even stop it, we can slow the progression down. The ‘ole adage is true “you are what you eat”. Put in good wholesome food and you reap the benefits. Clean fuel in and clean energy out. Think of coronary artery disease as a fire that needs to be put out or controlled. There are 3 ways to control a fire remove the fuel, remove the oxygen and remove the source of ignition. Well if we remove the source of oxygen we will die, so forget that one. The source of ignition is the time of birth, so we can’t change that. So that leaves the fuel source, in this case it is the fats. If we remove the fats, not all the fats we do need some, but the excess fats that we don’t need. Then we will “starve the fire” and slow the progress down of coronary artery disease. Follow my sample cardiac diet plan and you will have reduced a lot of your fat intake. Firstly, reduce the fat but keep the omega fatty acids.

By studying the plaque formation in all its glory, scientists have found that it contains cholesterol as a major component specifically LDL’s. LDL is produced by our bodies and also taken in as part of our diet. HDL is also produced by our bodies but it is not part of the diet. The only way we have HDL is from our bodies making it. The more HDL we have, the better controlled LDL is. HDL cholesterol is increased from exercise, so the only way to increase HDL is get moving. So, the second part of the equation is Exercise! Cholesterol is also controlled by eating soluble fiber which is found in fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

By following the three step plan you will make a major step in averting heart disease. Reduce the fat, exercise and increase soluble fiber will make you a healthier and happier you. Do it before it is too late, your body will thank you for it!

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