Dinner is the last meal you have before going to bed.  It also should be the smallest of the big meals. Some of us eat this meal like it’s the last meal ever. Take heed that not only does eating healthy mean choosing the right foods but it is also choosing the size of the meal.   In our society bigger is better, bigger house, car, bank account and the meal should not be one of those things.   Food should be experienced and savoured. Food should not be judged by how much is on your plate it should be judged by how good it looks on your plate.  Dress up your plate with savoury meals and bring out your best cutlery because dinner is served.

Heart Healthy Dinner recipes

Chicken cutlets with tomato saute

Chicken with acorn squash and tomatoes

Colombian chicken potato soup

Fish balls

Jamaican jerk marinade

Orange mango chicken

Salmon with warm lentil salad

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