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Easy healthy recipes make preparing great healthy meals easy and fun. One of my biggest pet peeves is deciding what to make for dinner. I like trying new things and new recipes but I don't want to stand around trying to decide what to make nor do I want to make complicated dinners that take too much time. That's why I like to make easy healthy recipes.

I like to use fresh or frozen vegetables in my cooking. Yep, I said the 'F' word, frozen. Companies now have the technology to freeze vegetables quickly and safely while preserving their nutrients. Not only is it a time saver but is healthy as well.

Staying healthy is easy when you have easy healthy recipes close by to help decide what to make. I find that food prices have skyrocketed in the last little while and it isn't hard to find food on sale if you know where to look.

You can find fresh vegetables and ingredients at local discount grocery stores or even grow them yourself, either in pots or in the garden, if you have enough space of course. Being committed to eating healthy is a choice and an easy one with the right guidance.

I stay away from commercially prepared food for the most part, occasionally I will admit, I get lazy or I get home late from work and I don't feel like cooking. So once in a while I will make already prepared burgers and hotdogs and pizza. I think the key is to limit the amount of commercially prepared food as much as you can. Hopefully, you will find these easy healthy recipes useful.

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