Fructose: The deadly truth

Fructose contributes to heart disease by raising fat and causing chronic inflammation. the simple cure to heart disease is eliminating it from our diet.

Heart disease is a vague name given to a large amount of diseases that affect the heart. Diseases like cardiomyopathy, atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, athrosclerosis, pericarditis, endocarditis, ventricular tachycardia and acute coronary syndrome just to name a few. These diseases although on the surface seem very dissimilar, most of them have an underlying similarity that cannot be dismissed. 

When our bodies sense an intruder or a foreign substance that cannot be identified, our bodies attack the foreign substance to attempt to break it down.  Our bodies use our immune system for this defense. When our immune system goes haywire like in an allergic reaction it puts itself into jeopardy and almost kills the body in the process.  Our immune system can't help it. It doesn't have a brain to think things through it uses chemical signals to identify foreign objects.  Our immune system communication can be attributed to like us using an intercom to identify intruders, we use the intercom to try and identify the person wanting to come in, if we don't recognize the voice we don't let them in.  If the intruder is in the dark house and you can't see them, you call out to try and identify the intruder, but if they don't answer or you can't identify the intruder you must take action.  The action you take depends how agitated you are and if you think your life is in danger, you take extreme action. The true is same for the body sometimes it doesn't recognize it's own body like in arthritis and attacks the joints and won't stop or after attacking the intruder the body goes into a rampage like the incredible hulk destroying all that's in it's path like in an allergic reaction. If we destroy our immune system we get sick and die. What do we do? We are stuck with this incredible system that for the most part protects us from harm. The immune system has incredible powers of healing and destruction.

The foods we eat the water we drink and the air we breathe all play a vital role in our survival and overall health.  As our bodies take in nutrients to survive those same nutrients in turn make up our bodies. The new nutrients and building blocks replenish the old worn out parts. So what we put in our mouths becomes vitally important as it in turn completes our bodies. To think of the very food, water or air that sustains us is slowly turning our bodies against us. Eating highly processed foods, drinking chemicals in our water and breathing pollutants in our air are the very things that our bodies are trying to fight. While our bodies are trying to repair the damage from yesterday's meal or water/pop or pollutants in the air, more damage is sustained today and the cycle continues. The cycle of damage and repair puts our bodies in an endless cycle of chronic inflammation.

Causes of chronic inflammation

Much speculation has been put forth as to the true cause of chronic inflammation.  From a dietary stand point much attention has been placed on the glycemic index of certain foods. The glycemic index is the amount a certain food raises blood sugar levels within one hour after eating. Foods with a high glycemic index raise blood sugar levels higher than foods with a low glycemic index. This is important when looking at cardiac diseases such as atherosclerosis and heart attacks. Constantly Eating foods with a high glycemic index will cause blood sugars to rise and fall rapidly. Constantly raising the blood sugar very high and then letting it drop causes increased hunger sooner and strains the endocrine system such as the pancreas. Not only would you put yourself at risk of developing diabetes, a known cardiac risk factor, but also the high sugar levels cause damage to the delicate arteries and veins.

High sugar levels cause damage

Keeping the blood sugar levels at levels most of the day increases the chance that the sugars will bind with proteins and fats and results in damage to nerves and blood vessels. This process is called glycation. Usually, the sugars bind with proteins and fats by help of an enzyme in a controlled reaction. Glycation occurs haphazardly in the absence of an enzyme and the more sugars in the blood stream and body the more this haphazard reaction will take place over time causing inflammation system wide as the body tries to regain balance.

Controlling blood sugars

It is vitally important for diabetics to control their blood sugars with close monitoring and over time will learn the feeling of a spike in blood sugar and subsequent drop in blood sugar. What is good for the goose is definitely food for the gander. People without diabetes should take a close look at the foods they eat. Choosing foods with a low glycemic index not only will keep you full longer but also stop the spikes of blood sugars. Processed foods can contain hidden sugars like high fructose and sucrose and any in ingredient that ends in -ose. The sugars added adds flavour, but also keeps the blood sugar levels high.

Below is a video called Sugar: the Bitter truth. It is 1.5 hrs long and is worth every second to watch.  Below the video I summarized the video for you and highlighted the important facts to take from it. So watch it and learn the sweet deadly truth.

Our food is killing us

There is another more sinister monster lurking in our grocery stores.  This monster has been put in most canned goods and is in most foods in our grocery stores. High fructose corn syrup is a engineered molecule devised in 1966 by a Japanese scientist that was supposed to replace sugars in our diet.  High fructose corn syrup is cheap to make and it 20% sweeter than sucrose (natural sugars). So companies loved the fact that a product that is cheap and sweet can make any product better tasting. The bottom line is that companies saved money while consumers bought more thus increased their profits.  Let's face it companies are in it to make profit and that is what high fructose corn syrup does. HFCs came on the American market in 1975. Around the same time America was facing a food crisis. Sugar prices were fluctuating so much that made food a political issue. By inventing the HFCs and adding to our food it evened out the price of sugar dropped the price of food so that everyone could afford food. So HFCS did 2 things it evened out the highs and lows of sugar prices and fought poverty. For 37 years HFCs has been on the market. In the 37 years chronic diseases has gone up diabetes, heart disease, fatty livers, and high blood pressure. In the 1980's studies were launched to figure out what the culprit was. Conversely around the same time LDL cholesterol was discovered in the blood. A perfect storm of misinformation took place. The studies looked at diets and noticed that in a high fat diet the LDL cholesterol went up and conversely so did the rate of heart disease. The studies thusly concluded that a high fat diet contributed to higher incidences of heart disease. The study was flawed it failed to examine all possible sources and that includes the increased consumption of high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup is in alot of processed foods pick a can and examine the label. It would hard not to find HFCs in the ingredients. HFCs is also in soda drinks. Since 1912 the size of bottles have steadily increased. Of course in 1912 HFCs was not present, but the size of drinks have increased. Starting at 8.6 ozs to the super big gulp of 44 ozs of today. All major fast food restaurants have a super size menu and all include these huge portions of soft drinks. Since 1980 obesity in children has steadily increased despite all our best efforts to teach our children better diets and exercise. Obesity is on the incline. Is it any surprise that with the increase in soft drink size it correlates with the rise in obesity? More specifically with the inclusion of HFCs in our foods obesity has gotten out of control. The movie supersize me showed a man going on a 30 day McDonald binge that incorrectly assumed that a high fat diet causes, hypertension, fatty liver, diabetes and pancreatitis. It also showed that even though he ate mcdonalds the more he ate the hungrier he got. He was partially correct however, he pointed the finger at the wrong culprit. He failed to cross reference the data just like the high fat diet studies did and ignored the HFCs thus causing the study invalid. I will show you why.

Fructose is toxic

Ethanol is toxic to the body, but it is regulated. It also causes pleasant effects in moderation so it is ingested for those effects. However, in the liver it does something else out of 150 calories 90 calories makes it to the liver to be processed out of the body. Through various pathways in the liver metabolism it produces Uric acid and causes fatty liver (dyslipidemia), inflammation of the liver (chirrosis) results in high blood pressure, gout, electrolyte imbalances, cardiomyopathy, pancreatitis, malnutrition, obesity, liver dysfunction, addiction, fetal alcohol syndrome. We all know that alcohol is toxic to the body over time. It is regulated for the acute effects on the brain, those pleasant effects is the only reason it is regulated. The FDA won't regulate anything that causes chronic problems. So anything that causes detrimental effects overtime won't be regulated unless it is harmful to the body immediately. Fructose is not used by the body at all but glucose is. Glucose is the main energy source for all life on earth. Fructose is chemically bonded with glucose to make HFCs. For every 6 fructose molecules there are 4 glucose molecules. Therefore 60% is unusable to the body. What else is unusable by the body in any amount? Poisons are unusable by the body and it is up to the liver to process the toxin out before it kills us. Since fructose is unusable by the body it can be concluded that fructose is a poison. So, of all the HFCs we consume 60% makes it to the liver to processed out. Through various liver processes, the creates out of fructose fat, which in turn creates a waste product Uric acid. Uric acid has been shown to increase high blood pressure by stopping a reaction that creates nitric oxide that promotes lower blood pressure. Patients who have been on allopurinol have proportionate drops in their mean high blood pressure. Allopurinol is used to remove Uric acid out of the body. The liver also produces other chemicals that cause inflammation of the liver and decreases the the enzyme grehlin that is used to tell the brain it is full. Without this enzyme the body does not know it is full and therefore we continue to eat. Through this process all started from fructose it increases the effect lepton has on the brain. Lepton is an enzyme in the pancreas that signals the brain the body is starving and therefore we need to eat. Through this whole process it causes the liver to be resistant to insulin and therefore causes inflammation to the pancreas increasing our chance for developing diabetes. The chronic effects of fructose ingestion and high sugar ingestion are: high blood pressure, heart attack, dyslipidemia, pancreatitis (2 to dyslipidemia), obesity, hepatic dysfunction, fetal insulin resistance, habituation. Does that sound familar? Fructose ingested chronically is very similar to chronic ethonol use (a known toxin) therefore fructose is a toxin.

Fructose ingestion is a high fat diet

Through the complex metabolism do fructose in the liver the end result in pyruviate an enzyme that creates fat by using the excess energy to be stored for later use. 30% of the fructose that is ingested is converted to fat. So it doesn't matter how much you work out. If your diet is high in HFCs then you will be stuck with lingering body fat. So of the 150 calorie pop that is ingested roughly 18% is automatically stored as fat. Considering the amount of pop that the average American consumes per day can equate to 100 pounds per year of extra fat that wasn't necessary to consume in the first place. In 1982 a craze was born out of the study that showed that a high fat diet causes heart disease. The craze was the low fat diet. The food industry had a problem processed low fat diets tasted like cardboard. The solution was to add in HFCs that's was cheap to make and use which also was very sweet. Low fat diets made with HFCs is high in fat since the converts it to fat in the liver. As shown in the movie supersize me eating a McDonald diet for 30 days for every meal will make someone lethargic, depressed and wanting more (habitual) only by momentarily ingesting these foods alleviating the depression which was initially brought on by eating these foods in the first place. So HFCs has created more problems than it was initially supposed to fix. We are a society addicted to high fructose corn syrup, but we don't even know.

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