by johnny wu

If I am taking viagra and smoking marijuana at the same time, will this have a negative effect on my heart?

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Jul 20, 2011
Effect of Viagra and Medicinal Marijauna on the heart
by: Neil

Although your Question is simple the answer requires some explaining. No one has ever done a study on that drug combo. So it is not clear whether they interact to cause heart problems.

Medicinal marijuana is prescribed to people with cancer and advanced HIV (AIDS) as a anti-nausea (no throw-up) and an appetite enhancer. It is also used for Glaucoma. Everybody has a different reaction in the brain, where it mainly acts, causing halucinations, vertigo, and palpitations (irregular beats that feel like a lump in the throat) or even tachycardia (fast heart rate) and may make anxiety worse, if prone to anxiety.

Viagra was originally used as a high blood pressure medicine, however it didn't work too well for that, but they noticed a neat little side effect. It is important not to take Blood pressure meds if your on it, also some HIV drugs have been known to interact with Viagra. The combination could be mean an extremely low blood pressure and potentially stopping your heart.

So to sum it up medicinal marijuana and viagra do not have that effect on the body and are fine depending on your body's reaction to medicinal marijuana. Also as a side note any HIV positive people that are taking anti-virals --do not-- take Viagra.

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