How to Prevent Heart Disease

How to prevent heart disease simply means to control the risk factors. The risk factors of heart disease like obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and smoking are all symptoms of a disease process taking hold and signals that the body is crying out for help. Ignoring these symptoms or warning signs would allow the disease process to continue and take hold resulting inevitably in heart disease. Having these symptoms conversely doesn't mean that you actually have heart disease it just signals that your body needs help. So how to prevent heart disease depends on your knowledge of these warning signs. The process of heart disease begins actually in my opinion in the liver. The liver will produce triglycerides and cholesterol in the absence of eating foods with these ingredients. Actually someone with a high sugar intake wil result in having more fat deposits around the abdominal area and higher cholesterol. Studies have shown that eating high amounts of sugar is actual the same has having a diet high in fat. Choosing prepared food that states it is low fat is actually a high fat diet due to the amount of sugar is added in order for the food to taste good.

Drinking alcohol for a long period of time will cause liver failure since the liver has to process the alcohol. It is the same with refined sugar, eating large amounts of sugar does the same thing as drinking alcohol for long periods. It causes liver damage or inflammation. This liver inflammation is caused by everything we eat or drink. By over taxing the liver it will cause it to fail. Smoking does the same thing it causes inflammation in the blood vessels and in the liver. Scientists have shown that having high uric acid in the liver will cause hypertension. Uric acid is created by liver inflammation and also eating a high protein diet. The same process that starts liver inflammation also creates triglycerides (fat) and cholesterol. Since the body needs to store the fat someone it gets deposited around the abdominal area. So how to prevent heart disease begins with controlling liver inflammation.

The warning signs point to chronic inflammation that has begun in the liver. Detoxifying the liver becomes an important aspect of preventing heart disease. Fish and avacados help to detoxify the liver interestingly they are also high in omega 3 fatty acids. High fibre also helps to detoxify the liver, interestingly it is the same ingredients that help fight heart disease. This cannot be a coincidence, seldom in life are there coincidences. Scientists are now studying sugars and their impact on body systems. Results are beginning to show that refined sugars leads to chronic inflammation, a precursor to heart disease.

Food additives in processed foods have been studied and show that on their own does not cause short term damage. Never have they been studied together for the long term in conjunction to other lifestyle choices. Since the liver has to process these chemicals as well to excrete them out, it is just another thing that the liver has work hard to get rid of. Thus, causing more liver inflammation. The choice is yours, whatever that gets put into the body, the liver must process these chemicals. It becomes a quantity issue, continuing to bombard the liver will result in warning signs that the liver is sick and needs cleansing. Along with Omega 3 fatty acids and fibre, vitamin C has been shown to reverse the effects of long term damage and fruits have large amounts of vitamin C and fibre. Prevention begins and ends with what passing your lips. The choice is yours, choose wisely. Put down the comfort foods that help us in our daily stressed out lives and pick up healthy alternatives. Your liver will thank you for it in the end.

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