Quitting Smoking

I have been smoking for 28 years. "Quitting smoking it can't be easy", I've heard it all before. I thought I liked it I thought it was relaxing and I thought it gave me courage. Nothing could be further from the truth. The myths associated with smoking are the very reason people find it hard to stop smoking. The one big myth is fear.


To stop smoking is scary and cannot be easily done. I will show you that quitting smoking is easy and can bring about the love of life and the joy of living. Fear is what keeps you smoking. Doctors that mean well keep you smoking and the drug companies that want you to quit smoking, keep you smoking. All because they perpetuate the fear. How old were you when you started? Like most of us we were teenagers in the most stressful times of our lives. Everything around us was changing and everyone was telling us to do this and do that. Like most rebellious teenagers we dabble in smoking. We think to ourselves "there is no way I will be addicted to cigarettes, it tastes awful!" "I'm quitting smoking anytime I want". This one cigarette has lead to the thousands of cigarettes you smoke per year. The first one leads to the second and the third and so on. The truth is smoking isn't a habit.

Not a Habit

Most habits can be broken without even a second thought. So easily habits are broken you don't even think about it. We get in the habit of drinking coffee in the morning. We get in the habit of going to bed early or late depending on how we feel. Actually most habits we do because of how we feel. Our bodies tell us to drink coffee because we are tired or go to bed early because if we don't we will be tired in the morning. If a report came out tomorrow stating it's unhealthy to go to bed early most of us would change our habits to try and be healthy. Or reports that drinking too much coffee is bad for you, we try and curb our coffee consumption. Report after report comes out on how cigarette smoking is killing you and shortens your lifespan, but yet smokers keep on smoking, why? Because it isn't a habit. Smoking is not something that tastes good. When you first started smoking, remember the coughing and spitting? We tried so hard to get past the taste and the smell. We try and hide the smell because we don't like the smell on our clothes and on our breath. We taught ourselves to put up with the disgusting taste so we can be nicotine addicts. We know that smoking is killing us, we know that it tastes awful and we know it's not really a habit. So why not just stop smoking. Smoking is an addiction first and foremost.

An Addiction

It's the nicotine we are addicted to. Once the nicotine first got into our bodies we fell into a trap. The nicotine trap. Once we put out the last cigarette we start to go into withdrawal until our next one. We can sit in a meeting for hours and not think about the little nicotine devil. We can even sit a car without lighting up. The truth is that 1 hour after putting out our last cigarette, 3/4 of the nicotine is out of our system. It's funny that all smokers are in a constant state of withdrawal and don't even realize it. Once we are able to get in our fix we feel better less tense and feel like a non-smoker. We can go 8 to 10 hours a night without a cigarette and it doesn't even wake most of us up. We become a slave to the nicotine devil. Bending to it's will. When you started smoking did you think you will be smoking for the rest of your life? It is fear that keeps us smoking and once you realize there is nothing to be afraid of, quitting is easy, fun and enjoyable. Don't be a slave to the nicotine devil, don't make other people rich, the tobacco companies and nicotine replacement companies; stop making yourself poor. Stop Smoking!

Stop Being a Slave

Quitting is easy and fun. I quit smoking using the book below and couldn't be happier. I am no longer afraid and therefore no longer a slave. I have no cravings for nicotine and I am enjoying life. You can too!

Allen Carr's easy way to stop smoking

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