Work from home, earn extra income doing what you love!

I wanted to work from home and have a great family life. You can’t have a good family life and work 12 hour shifts 3 to 4 times a week. So I started looking for ways to make extra money on the internet. I knew that the internet was the place to make some extra cash. For 10 years I tried various different plans and ideas. If you looked for ways to make money on the internet I’m sure you would have come across them. “Just type ads” or “surveys for money”, they just didn’t work the way I thought they would and as far as a business goes, it isn’t a business. I knew nothing about internet business because no one would teach it to me. I had little time and a lot of motivation, I wanted a business, a work from home business to grow and have passion for. I found SBI quite by accident really. While doing some searches I came across a website, professional, clean and well written. Before I knew it I found myself staring at an SBI page. I read the articles and paroused the videos . It sounded really good, almost too good. SBI never misleads, it clearly stated that an internet business is like a storefront business, it takes time, so be patient. That really spoke to me. I knew that a get rich scheme won’t work and I tried them and they failed. The other businesses failed but I was determined to succeed. SBI helps you find a topic you love and helps you see the profit with you. SBI never does the work, unless you hire a coach of course, it is up to you to succeed. If you have the drive and passion you will succeed. I hummed and awed over the purchase for about an hour, I closed my eyes and delved straight in. That was one year ago, I’m still building my site and I am starting to see an income. Never before on the internet was I able to make a cent and now “the snowball” starts. SBI was clear up front; it takes time to build a business, but if you have passion then SBI has the tools.

If you have questions about SBI feel free to drop me a line I would love to help you.


My Dream

It has been my dream for years to own and operate a business and work from home. I just didn't know where to start let alone how to start. I'm not business savvy, nor do I claim to be. First and foremost I'm a nurse with the skills and knowledge to help others. That is what I want to do, is to help people. Nursing allows me to do just that, help people that need and want to be helped. I have been looking at ways to combine my two dreams. One to help people and second to run my own business and work from home. I wanted the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, I had a real hard time figuring out the best way to do it. With the Internet established, it became clear that knowledge and information will be key. So I looked at ways to run an internet business, but I didn't know how to do it. I'm not computer savvy, I'm not business oriented, all I know is how to help people in their hour of need, I'm good at that.

Affiliate Marketing

I didn't have a lot of money to start up a business, with a growing family I didn't have time to go to school for 4 years. So I researched Internet opportunities. I came across several programs about affiliate marketing to work from home. If you don't know what that is, I'll tell you. Affiliate marketing is simply marketing other people's products or services over the Internet through advertisements. Affiliate marketers buy ad space through a search engine like google. When people click on that ad it costs the affiliate marketer money. You see where this is going? The customer lands on a "landing page" geared at presenting the product. If the customer buys the product the affiliate marketer gets paid 50% or 60% or even 70to 80% of the cost of the product. So when people decide to buy is when the affiliate marketer gets paid. This worked well when the Internet was new and people got rich. When the Internet moved out of it's infancy and got smarter so did the consumer. It got harder to make a living this way. I tried this approach for about a year or so and realized I'm not a guru nor do I have thousands of dollars per month to make it work. So I opted out, I didn't quit my search though don't get me wrong. I was also stubborn, which is a fine line with being stupid and being successful.

Direct Marketing

Another evolution with the internet was direct marketing to work from home. Direct marketing is very similar to the affiliate marketer, in fact it is one in the same. The person just goes about selling another persons product slightly different. This type of marketing I was aligned with a type of pyramid scheme. I was apart of an online team that attempted to sell various products. So again I was selling someone elses product, this the product was signing people up to the pyramid program. I tried to sign people up using an opt in email program. You buy people's email addresses that have expressed interest in a online business. In theory it sounded good, people have shown an interest so it should be easy to sign them up. Once you have the email addresses you send emails 100's per day to interested people and hope that maybe one or two move from interested to actual buyers. Again this costed me money loads of money to buy the emails and lots of time to send out the emails. Without a single sale after a year I moved on continuing my research. I really wanted to work from home, it was my dream plus I wanted to help people, which the last 2 examples did not do. I actually wasn't helping anyone.

Turnkey Business

I moved on to a weightless program as a turnkey business to work from home. The program was more offline then online. Meaning the bulk of my sales were from word of mouth or direct advertising, like a real business. I was working from home selling weightless products, however, I actually had no weight to lose so I couldn't speak from experience. I enlisted help from some people to try my products and under my tutelage I helped them to lose weight. I learned all there was to know about weight loss. Learning about my competitors and I actually learned the healthy way to lose weight. This program would work except I spent all my money on products I couldn't advertise. The company also gave me access to their website with all their products on it, but it got no traffic so in order to sell online I needed to advertise. Without any money to advertise I couldn't get traffic, it was a vicious cycle. I lasted almost 2 years before I declared the loss and moved forward. I continued to do more research and found a turnkey website that sold various products but again I needed website traffic to which there wasn't any. I failed to realize my problem and the company went under and my website went under too. You would think that attempt after attempt would deter me, but as I said there is a fine line between stubborn and being stupid. I was starting to feel the latter. My nursing career took off and I love every minute of my career. Helping people and educating them about their illness was a dream come true. At least I had one of my dreams come true. I didn't give up on the Internet though, I realized the importance of keyword research and getting targeted traffic to a website, but I lacked the technical skills required to build and develop a website. I knew i wanted a health related website, but didn't know enough about how to research. With money now tight, i didn't have enough money to make any mistakes. I wanted some tool to help me build it something that would take the technical side out of the equation so i could focus on the important information.

Site Build it! Saved me

As part of my research I came across a site about having an online business to work from home. It made sense and it directed me to Site build it! Or SBI. There SBI taught the fundamentals of owning an online business. About keyword research and choosing your niche. SBI explains that the Internet is all about information and the need to have great content. Ken Evoy the founder of SBI started it in the year 2000 and it has been growing ever since. Ken also is very passionate about my own success, that passion wasn't enough to sway me though. The built in 90 day guarantee makes trying SBI a no risk venture. Other programs offered such a guarantee but you have to jump through so many hoops it wasn't worth it to even continue to get your money back. Ken makes it easy if you don't like what he has to say then ask for your money back. The interesting thing I found out was that of all the people that tried SBI only 1% asked for their money back, if it even was even that much. The truth is that most people don't ask for their money back. SBI isn't an affiliate marketing program it isn't direct marketing. What SBI is, is a tool and university to build a website around great content and then build it into a business (if i want to). I could just have a hobby website and not worry about the business aspect. The beautiful part is, it's my choice. I research my topic and then crunch all the numbers (ken provides all the tools and learning aids) about profitability, if profit is all you want then this step is crucial, if all you want is a hobby site built around passion then profitability is least of your concerns. Again it is your choice, wish I love. The difference is Ken gives me all the tools and information. All i do is point and click and my website is built, point click and i have a domain name and registered on the internet. The only hard part is writing all the content, but if you love the content and context of your site that is not a chore when you write with passion. In essence you become your own internet author, you write the content and all the technical junk is taken care of. My children were diagnosed with muscular dystrophy so it became that much more important to work from home and watch them grow. So I decided to try it out and see where it leads me. 2 years later I'm still loving it!

Site Build it! helps bring results

SBI or site build it! is more than just a website building business. SBI taught me how to build a business and work from home using a simple but effective strategy building high value content using C T P M method. The method focuses on high relevant content that search engines and visitors love. SBI has ten steps that must be followed, but at my own pace. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, I decide how fast the next will be. SBI encourages and keeps me focused and helps me slowly work toward the next step. All that is required to be successful is to keep walking keep placing one foot in front of the other. The speed in which that is done is up to me. I like that! It takes the pressure off me and places where it needs to be, the work from home business.

Focus on content

First and foremost the visitors that come to my site, come here for one reason, information. It is easy to focus on the bottom line, but It makes sense to focus on providing information; SBI really spoke to me. Of course! That is why people search the Internet, so just give what the customer wants and don't worry about the money, Yet. Prior to building my site was 10 months to a year of figuring out if my site is what I want, a profitable niche that I could make a living or is it just a hobby because I'm in love with the site concept and passionate about it. Although it would be nice to work from home, but that is not the the sole reason for building my site. I built my site because I am passionate about it. I know a lot about the topic and I want to help other people. My visitors wins, my advertisers wins and I win, what could be better. To work from home has always been my dream, now its my reality.

Not just another website

SBI doesn't make a website design for you and then let's you loose on the Internet. You hope people will find you, so you spend hundreds of dollars on advertisement to get traffic. Once your advertisement stops so does the traffic. Most other website design companies do this. It leaves you wondering "what the heck am I doing"? It's ok I went through this twice before. I had a couple of turnkey websites that sold products, I advertised spending hundreds of dollars to get no money in the end. At the end of it the company went under and so did my website. SBI actually takes the time to teach me the basics of online business and I learned it at my own pace. When it was time to build my site, I was in control on the design and layout. I already had a plan on which pages to build and some methods of making money so i could work from home. SBI let's you loose on the Internet, but I feel more confident that SBI will be there. SBI was there for me and having the backing of other sbi'ers in the forums I didn't feel alone. I felt empowered with knowledge of what to do to build my business yo work from home. In 2 years I only had one problem (turned out to be a problem with my own computer) but the support helped work the glitch within hours and I was on my way building my pages again in no time.

No Risk

SBI is a no risk venture. First they over a money back guarantee within 90 days of signing up. Then after going through their products and information, which is countless by the way, simply ask for your money back its that easy. Second SBI teaches how to succeed if for some reason SBI no longer exists, very unlikely, take your now internet savvy ways and your now built website elsewhere. Upload your own HTML if you know how and continue forward, the internet is not going anywhere. A physical business is more risky than a internet business. First, there is no overhead except what your already paying for anyways. Second you will be your own boss, you decide when to work and you decide the content of the website. You are in control and work from home.

Don't go it alone

SBI empowers me with knowledge to build my business. Not only do I have access to a large amount of resources of building my work from home business at my finger tips, but the power of the forums is in a class of itself. Many times I searched for answers I find them 9 times out 10 in the forums. Post a question and other sbi'ers will post their experiences in resolving the issue or just simply search thousands of topics and I usually find what I'm looking for.

Power of Site Build it!

The power of Solo Build It starts with a simple concept C T P M by building organic free targeted traffic through great content and turns that into dollars and cents. Ever dream that you could work from home? Everybody knows a lot about a topic from dvd's to basket weaving. Turn passion into dollars and you don't need technical knowledge to do it. The real power of Solo Build It is the simplicity of the process, it makes sense. If you can use a word processor then you know how to build a website, it really is that easy. Choose from 100's of templates, a click here and there and literally in minutes a website is born. Well maybe a little longer than a few minutes, it took me about 30 minutes the first time I chose my website design. I have recently updated my site and it took me about 5 or 6 minutes. Solo Build It is simple to use, simple concept that makes sense and taught me the complex world of the Internet. Which it turns out is fairly simple, build quality content and targeted free traffic will flow.

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